I used to document everything I ever did and wrote on my blog over the years, but in the last 2 years I have become very guarded in what I say … I am not sure why that is, but I don't feel like writing my feelings out to be judged by people who don't know me … I also decided to stop paying for a website provider I wasn't even using. I guess I have come to that point in my life where being online having a blog may just have an expiry date, for me …

Being online isn't a big thing for me anymore, when it used to be literally my life. That time in my life, destroyed my actual reality as I became addicted and quite unwell from it. If I feel I need to be online more then living, it really is time to reassess and if bad enough, step away … I have the skills and the knowledge to now know when it is dangerous for me. You only need to step back for a few days or maybe a week or two.

Recharge your batteries.

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